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Bulk SMS
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Bulk SMS is a proven, effective and economic tool to communicate with your prospects, customers, team members and public in large. Bulk SMS are governed by strong regulations by TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India) which prohibits one to send Marketing SMS from personal mobile nos. and / or to DND registered numbers. Accentuate is a leading sms service provider having years of testimony.

At Accentuate we offer:

Promotional SMS: These are meant for marketing. These SMS cannot be delivered to DND Registered numbers. Sender ID is random and cannot be customized for sender.

Promotional SMS with Sender ID: A 6 letter sender ID may be chosen by sender. SMS won't be delivered to DND Registered numbers.

Transactional SMS: This route cannot be used for marketing and promotions. Such SMS are used to send account related information or other internal information to subscribers. These SMS will be delivered to DND Registered Numbers. Transactional SMS may also be sent with custom fields such as receiver's details.

To receive a quotion for bulk SMS, send us your information here >>


To send SMS in a specific format in a more convenient way, we also offer SMS Based form where the text to be sent may be pre configured. This may have variety of uses:

  • Send confirmation SMS or Thank you SMS to visitors whenever they fill an online form.
  • Be alerted by SMS when an inquiry or order is made online.
  • Send a custom promotion through form with pre-defined text whenever a lead is generated.
  • Send SMS invitation to an interested visitor.

See our SMS in Action. Ask for a quotation here.


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Services Portfolio

1. Web Solutions: We make websites for Businesses and Individuals aimed to interact with increasing no. of people using internet. Website Development, Domain Registration & Web Hosting.
2. Digital Marketing: Online marketing services to promote a Business Website and thereby aiming to increase traffic, generate leads and resulting into sales. Services include SEO, Marketing on Google, Facebook and Twitter and Content Writing. These services are campaign based.
3. Mobile Services: Interact with customers, audience and prospects or be alerted for a query on your website or application with the help of our mobile services. Bulk SMS, Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, SMS API, SMS Software, Mobile Apps for Android, Windows and i-phone are offered.
4. Online Software: Take your office or shop wherever you go with our online software. Have a business tool which is much more than a website. Classified Portal, Online form maker, Online Shop, Online Tester, Social Portals, Travel, Automobile, Matrimonial and much more.
5. Training Programs: We also train people on various skills and helping them to be more productive at Job or leading them towards self employment. We cover industries like IT, BPO, Financial Institutions, Event Management, Education, Retail and many more.
6. Virtual Office: Focus on what you do best, while let us do your back office, online branding, administration and training tasks and save operational cost.